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Switched On: Windows ReTreat

Microsoft may be a powerful company with plenty of capital but it is struggling to sell the newest version of its Windows operating system. Windows 8 RT which is an ARM based OS designed to compete with popular tablets like Apple’s iPad is not selling as they hoped it would. Read this interesting article to find out more.

Are you using QR Codes yets?

Computilize vCard QR Code

Recently you’ve probably seen a techie new trend happening which uses a square scan-able code. They are called QR Codes (Quick Response Code) and this code scanning trend is quickly becoming a phenomenon in the advertising and information world. Thanks to the growing number of smart phone users flooding the market anyone can easily download a QR code
scanning app like scanlife and go scan crazy. You are probably wondering what exactly does a QR Code do……well a QR Code simply links the code to a website, vCard, app, contact form or anything that can be link through the web. Continue reading