Network Diagnostic

Are you having trouble with your computer network in your home or office? Do you want to be able to share information and/or printers through your network? The world of computing is all about networking. Computer networks are sophisticated technologies which allow us to share information at the local level or in the biggest computer network of all, “The World Wide Web”. Its not surprising that many computer networking problems are found at the local level. Sometimes network components like routers, switches or network interface cards fail and other times its all a network configuration issue. Allow Computilize to help you solve your computer networking problems. What ever the problem we want to help. We can diagnose your computer network problem and get you back online and into a productive state fast. Take advantage of our On-site Network Diagnostic service which is only $25 in specified areas. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Click Here to see if your Area is covered

Computilize offers a $25 On-site Network Diagnostic Service in specified areas of Miami-Dade and Broward County

Due to the complex nature of networks the $25 On-site Network Diagnostic will only cover the diagnostic of one specific network issue. Any other network diagnostic service will be charged additionally. The $25 On-site Network Diagnostic service is a fee charged for each network diagnosed within the specified areas noted on the Service Area page. The $25 On-site Network Diagnostic service includes only the on-site diagnostic and DOES NOT include the actual service or repair of the network hardware or software. It is only a service charge paid by the client to determine the cause of the problem and estimate the price of repair. The $25 On-Site Network Diagnostic service charge is not refundable.


If you are ready to take action and repair your computer today you can have a tech visit you as soon as possible by filling out the form below. Thank you for choosing Computilize, we hope to be at your service soon.

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